Our commitment

As signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment we believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) behaviours and values are critical to the longevity and future success of Perwyn and our portfolio companies.

Through a process of continual improvement, we strive to make a tangible difference throughout the investment cycle that benefits all stakeholders.

“We are privileged to be working in the private equity industry and with that comes responsibility as investors which goes beyond pure profit maximisation.  We work with our investee companies on improving a broad set of outcomes, which is also an important contributor to value creation when exiting companies that demonstrate a robust ESG program. Within Perwyn, we ensure that ESG practices are regularly evaluated and improved in our decision-making processes and committees.”

Andrew Wynn
Managing Partner, Perwyn

Perwyn has developed an ESG policy framework that formalises our commitment across our business and ensures we follow best practice, manage risk appropriately and make better, more responsible, decisions.

Our approach

  • The investment team follow an integrated pre-investment screening of ESG issues, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and identify potential risks in the due diligence phase of work.
  • The Investment Memorandum includes an ESG assessment, which is reviewed and challenged by the Investment Committee.
  • We undertake ongoing post investment ESG monitoring to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • An annual ESG survey of our portfolio companies to monitor key performance indicators, best practices and areas needing additional focus and improvement.
  • Pro-active engagement with portfolio companies to ensure cross-pollination of learnings and best practice.

ESG Policy Framework

“Perwyn is committed to ensuring its culture is respectful and inclusive and that this underpins the day-to-day interactions and operations of our business.”

Gurinder Sunner
Partner, Perwyn

Environmental, Social & Governance

Perwyn is committed to working with its Portfolio Companies to promote its ESG principles and behaviours. We encourage an approach of continual improvement through training, using appropriate tools to measure, plan and develop actions as well as sharing best practice and lessons learned.

We undertake an annual survey of our Portfolio Companies to help us understand progress and, more importantly, to drive action in areas where improvement is possible.

Perwyn will not invest in companies which are known to be in breach of any relevant legal, environmental or other legislative requirements.

Our portfolio surveyed companies

Perwyn Portfolio in action

The Case Studies set out examples of tangible sustainable themes and actions across the portfolio.