Velos IoT, the Jersey based global Internet of Things provider backed by Perwyn, announces the appointment of two new senior staff members – Nicola Trudu as Chief Revenue Officer and Frank Vernieuwe as Chief Technology Officer. The two are joining the company as part of the Velos IoT plan to redefine the product portfolio and accelerate the integration of the three comprising businesses – JT IoT, Top Connect, and NextM2M.

As the new CRO, Nicola Trudu will be responsible for bringing the company’s new vision into practice and transforming Velos IoT’s business departments to reflect the newly pledged focus on agility, scalability, and sustainability. Frank Vernieuwe will be looking after the technology requirements of the company and improving the existing services within the IoT portfolio.

Graeme Millar, CEO of Velos IoT, said: “After our successful acquisition of Estonia-based Top Connect and rebranding as Velos IoT, it is now time for our team to move forward with the ambitious plans we have set for our company. As part of this journey, I am excited to welcome our new CRO Nicola Trudu and new CTO Frank Vernieuwe. Their experience will allow us to grow faster and deliver better products. Having both on the team will help us improve our IoT portfolio and make Velos IoT a top connectivity player.”

Mark Blower, Partner at Perwyn, added: “We continue to be impressed by Velos’ growth.  Adding more top talent to the company is a further positive step for Velos as it works to successfully extend its product portfolio and range of customers even further.  We look forward to new developments at Velos as it continues to enable a smarter and more connected world.”

The new CRO and CTO appointments were made in October 2022.


November 2022