The international fast-growth digital solutions provider Miss Group, backed by Perwyn, has announced the launch of a new AI chat module to support its global customer base of more than 700,000 businesses.

Utilising AI innovation, the chat module has been tailored to the requirements of Miss Group and its international customer base with the ability to offer 24/7 service support in over 70 different languages.

The chat module will manage all inbound customer enquiries and, using AI and continuous machine learning, respond with the most appropriate information in the corresponding language. It will also be able to identify customer questions that require human intervention and escalate these queries to the relevant local customer services team.

Anders Gustavsson, Miss Group’s Chief Support Officer, said: “As a business we’re committed to developing new products and services that maintain our excellent customer service standards and provide a high-level of support to our customers to keep their businesses moving online. We’ve worked closely with the developer to tailor the chat module to the needs of Miss Group and our portfolio of brands so that any customer can now receive direct support at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.”

Miss Group has a portfolio of more than 30 digital solutions brands, servicing a global customer base of over 700,000 businesses across the Nordic and DACH regions, Europe and North America.

Fredrik Björklund, co-founder and CEO of Miss Group, added: “The beauty of launching a chat module driven by AI is that it will continue to learn from our customers and their behaviours, becoming more intelligent and efficient over time. This innovation is exactly what we aim to deliver as part of our customer service-oriented business model and will help us to continue delivering cost-effective technology solutions and industry-leading performance metrics.”

Mark Blower, Partner at Perwyn and Miss Group board member, added: “Since we invested, Miss Group has made a number of successful acquisitions, accessed new markets, delivered new products, and strengthened the management team.  We are delighted with their performance and progress to date. By harnessing the power of new AI technology they will now improve customer service even further and create an operating environment that supports more growth.”


March 2023