Medical technology platform revolutionising workforce management in the NHS.


Founded by doctors to help give healthcare professionals access to flexible work and more sustainable careers, Patchwork is a disruptive workforce management platform focused on outcomes based staffing. Its end to end solution allows NHS teams to manage their permanent and temporary workforce better, generating over £40m of savings (to date) and is trusted by more than 30,000 clinicians.

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Investment Strategy
  • Continue to invest in technology to ensure market leading end to end workforce solution
  • Build out adjacency products
  • Become the number one workforce solution provider for healthcare professionals
Perwyn Team
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"We're so pleased to have partnered with the brilliant Perwyn team as Patchwork embarks on its next phase of growth. As a business, we're working with the NHS to solve a complex and crucial issue: creating sustainable staffing for healthcare organisations using cutting-edge solutions. To tackle a challenge like this, we need investors alongside us that bring insight, experience and intelligence. Perwyn delivers on all fronts. They've been a diligent champion of our business from the first meeting and we're looking forward to sharing our next chapter with them."

Ana Nader - CEO