A premium cat meal and snack subscription, using 100% fresh meat.


KatKin is a disruptive, fresh cat food brand headquartered in the UK. It creates, manufactures and retails fresh, personalised cat meals and snacks as part of a D2C subscription service for owners. KatKin’s highly developed R&D and own-manufacturing capabilities have created and produced the highest quality, tastiest fresh cat food and snacks in the market. Alongside personalised digital engagement, including health insights and feeding plans, for cat owners. This in-house capability represents a competitive advantage for the business, driving >10,000 subscriptions in its first year, and over doubling year on year.

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Investment Strategy
  • Backing founders Brett and Nikki O’Farrell to continue executing strong growth strategy
  • Further R&D investment in product roadmap and performance, particularly in hero range; KatKin ‘Fresh’ to achieve market leading sustainability goals
  • International expansion led by the US
  • Further investment in marketing and data analysis to drive customer engagement and retention
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"We’re grateful to Perwyn and Verlinvest for their support. The funding will help continue expansion of the worlds-first fresh cat food brand, alongside further investing in the team and continuing to develop nutritional solutions addressing issues making cats unwell today."

Nikki O’Farrell, KatKin co-founder