Our Evergreen Family Funding model is our USP.

Flexibility is a key part of our proposition. Our funding model and team set-up enables direct and fast decision making. We evaluate each business individually, irrespective of any potential risks, and in comparison to our competitors, our investment criteria is short and succinct. An entrepreneurial and collaborative approach means that our business partners feel part of the team, not left on the sidelines. We believe in involving all the decision makers in all transactions, and we have built our reputation on being a reliable funder that delivers on the terms that we set out.

Debt Capital

The funding market can be very restrictive for private businesses, which is where Perwyn Debt Capital solutions can make all the difference.

Offering funding from £5m to £25m across both Growth and Transitional Capital, Perwyn’s unique Evergreen Funding model allows a far greater range of debt funding options for private / owner managed businesses, across all sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

Flexibility is key to helping owner managed businesses thrive

Andrew Wynn - Managing Partner, Perwyn Advisors UK Limited

Growth Capital

Ideal for businesses seeking funds for growth reasons, which may not be immediately available through the mainstream lending market.

We recognise that business owners may require financing for any number of reasons, and sometimes the more traditional lending routes are not available. Here at Perwyn, we take a far more in-depth and personal view, analysing each and every case on its own merits.

Whether funds are required for shareholder cash out, expansion, acquisition or simply working capital growth, Perwyn Debt Capital is able to offer creative, workable solutions that fit your business needs.

Transitional Capital

This option suits businesses that are seeking funding due to either the stage they are at in the business life cycle, or the inherent nature of that particular business sector.

Not dependent on tangible security, Perwyn Debt Capital is instead focussed solely on the ability of the business to generate cash to service debt. This means that we are flexible around highly regulated sectors, or sectors which are built around intellectual property.

Growth Capital
£5m - £25m
Transitional Capital
£5m - £15m
Shareholder cashoutAsset light businesses
Asset light businessesEarly stage businesses
RolloutsRegulated sectors
AcquisitionsMid-stage transition
Working capital growthRestructure
Transaction fundingLender fatigue

Flexibilty across the capital structure

Typical facilities are based on a term loan over 5 years, on an interest only basis. However, our unique funding model allows us a degree of flexibility unheard of within the usual channels, and we are happy to consider most structures whether it be:

  • 2nd lien
  • Unitranche / bilateral
  • Syndicated
  • Asset-based
  • Quasi-equity

Whatever you are looking for, we will be able to offer a non-restrictive solution, without the ties of a traditional lender.